8.0: eXe [Body]

"Fashion modelling is a vicious business."

Her curt words were enough to render me speechless.
She casually sipped her Kashmiri tea, straight, no sugar or milk please.

Her frown was enough to render me motionless.
Her odd request upon entering the shop: Please make me a cup of tea that suits me.
I thought a pink tea would look good with her delicate skin tone, but -


Sǒuhuà dramatically lifted the tea pot.
In a chastising manner, he set it back on the counter, signaling for a re-order.

He turned to her again, sitting stiffly as a doll.

"I sincerely apologize for this mishap.
"As you can see, my second-help is quite the country bumpkin.
"He lacks the dignity to distinguish the types of tea suited for such a woman as yourself."

I'll have you know, I'm city-born and city-raised.