7.6: eXe [Dreams]

"Don't you feel cheated?
"Rather, don't you think he made a valid point?"

I woefully tucked away the surviving cookies back into its cellophane packaging.
His fearsome appetite swiped at least 3/4ths of the bunch.

"His point was goals.
"Vincent, that is vastly different from dreams."

 If you'd look into any thesaurus, they're both the same thing.

"Goals exist in constraint of realism.
"Dreams differ in the sense that, despite the presence or lack of resources, they exist.
"Simply as a fragment of what the heart desires, outside the realistic sense that binds goals."

"He'll know the difference between the two in a few years time."

Sǒuhuà casually placed the jar of dreams and cookie crumbs back on its shelf.

Whether it was the right choice or not, the ability to satisfy your body for the sake of your heart.
For the sake of stability...