7.4: eXe [Dreams]

"For the price of your dreams, you can achieve immense job success.
"In whatever field you choose, regardless of the economy."

Sǒuhuà showcased the antique tin, painted in a bold and defiant gold.
The mocking red circus etched into it honestly gave me a bad vibe.

The kid shrugged, body language showing an edging sense of discomfort.
He played it off as a casual lack of interest despite the sparked attraction.

"I dunno, that sounds a lot more bogus than the lifetime bacon..."

"Oh, but I'm quite serious.
"If you accept this exchange, I'd like you to sign here."

He laid out a formal document on top of the cookie crumbs.

"By the way, we don't accept returns or refunds."

I don't think you need to add that part to a kid who steals something as trivial as cookies from a waning shop.