7.3: eXe [Dreams]

At his own word, "millions," he seemed to light a spark.

"How about a rich job?
"Can I wish for that?"

The gears of capitalism spin strong in this one.

"Like, how about you make me super smart?
"I can dominate over everyone, I can own even ten companies!"

His childish enthusiasm kicked away my doubts, and I found myself grinning to his ideas.
No way can such a silly wish be traded.

"Is that what you wish for? Job success?"
Sǒuhuà was calm, as if such a thing was simple enough.

The kid stopped, almost skeptical.
He glanced to me, almost as skeptical, before doubling his skepticism.

"Well, yeah, but that's impossible.
"Just because I'm a kid..."

His challenging glare and crossed arms was quite an authoritative sight.
Sǒuhuà didn't budge, but instead brought the antique candy tin from the shelf.

The one I was almost about to throw away.